Matej Kormuth Software Engineer

My name is Matej Kormuth, and I am self-taught software developer from Slovakia. In addition to programming I am also interested in video games, cycling, mathematics, photography and art in general.

I like clean code in development and good UX / usability with the product after shipment. I'm pragmatic, practically oriented person. I have some experience with leading the development, but only in small teams.

My interest in computers and programming started when I was nine and we (me with my parents) got our first computer. Later, when I was 12, I started exploring the huge world of software engineering trough modding games. To present, I am still excited when exploring latest technologies while having the ability to work with mature ones.



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These are the books I've read and recommend you to read too.

I also recommend you my Youtube channel where are put many interesting videos about technologies and tutorials mainly in Slovak language.


Feel free to contact me with job-offer(s) or just for fun on my social sites or email.

Email: dobrakmato (at) gmail (dot) com