Hello, my name is Matej Kormuth and I am (mainly) self-taught student and creator from Slovakia.

I create many things: programs, games, music, videos, etc...

Sorry for this simple design page, but simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Sorry for this plain HTML page. I haven't got time to make anything better.

Also sorry for this text-styled webpage. I haven't got time to make anything better.


My interest in programming and computers started when I was nine and we (Me with my parents) got our first computer. Later, when I was actually able to learn something was 12 I started exploring and discovering the huge world of software development. To present, I am still exploring new trends and trying to do my best.

I like clean code in development and good Ux / usability with final product. I'm pragmatic, practically oriented person. I have some expirience with leading the development, but only in personal (non-commercial) projects.

Good learning resources

Game Math - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEhBM2x5MG9-e_JSOzU068w


Stuff I work with

Stuff I touched

Stuff that I'm interested in

Artifical Intelligence, Neural networks, Data mining, Game Development, Photography

Projects I made/make


URL: https://www.coolovo.eu

Online image database of funny images from social networks. Build with help of Java (crawler), PHP/Laravel (webpage), TypeScript (client-side ajax), redis, gulp and nginx.

Part of AI for entertainment project.


URL: http://onlineboard.eu


Web-based online whiteboard for easy and fast (5 seconds) sharing. Supports multiple users, board history. More features coming soon. Built using PHP, websockets.


URL: https://www.topvids.eu


Website for sharing short funny videos. Something between vine and youtube. Built on Laravel.

Part of AI for entertainment project.

Smaller things

Mathematicator Search

URL: http://alpha.mtkn.eu/mathematicator/test.html


Prototype of fast suggesions (input results) for mathematically oriented website. Built in Javascript.


URL: http://alpha.mtkn.eu/ytpage/johnydeecz/

prototype / broken

Custom page for youtube channel generator. Page is generated from configuration and data from youtube channel. Allows easy setup for youtubers. Built with PHP.

Broken since Youtube API stopped working.


URL: http://alpha.mtkn.eu/exportfbchat/

prototype / not available

Tool for exporting chat from FB in human and space friendly format. Allows rendering chat in custom formats. Built with JavaScript.

Unavailable due to facebook's limitations on app permissions (reading chat is not given anymore).


URL: http://alpha.mtkn.eu/speedx.js/


HTML5 web browser game, based on SpeedX, but never completed. Player camera can be controller by mobile (mobile phone is used as input device). Built with JavaScript, PHP and three.js.

Controller is not working, because websocket server I worte is always crashing. This is waiting for rewite. Please use arrows instead. Also, the game is not procedurally generated. Sad.

vazka.sk redesign

URL: http://alpha.mtkn.eu/vazka.sk/


Design draft for vazka.sk. Build using HTML, Twitter bootstrap, css, sass and webstorm.

vazka.sk - substition

URL: https://www.facebook.com/Suplovanie-VAZKA-1386112841684053


Bot that automcatically creates screenshot of school teacher substition list and publishes it to facebook page daily. Build with PHP, python and selenium.

Suggested / Good books

1984, Animal Farm, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Digital Fortress


(to be added later...)


Visit please https://matejkormuth.eu/music.


Email: dobrakmato (at) google (dot) com

Github: https://www.github.com/dobrakmato

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DobrakMato

LinkedIn: <>